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Best of The Parishes Local Votes

Best of The Parishes Local Votes

I am not sure if most of you know that my husband and I are also local business owners in Vernon and Beauregard Parishes.

Our local newspapers, the Beauregard Daily News, and the Leesville Daily Leader have joined forces to create The Best of the Parishes, a local “best of” resources for our communities.

We are honored to be in the Top 5 in several categories! Please continue to vote and show your support for us, and other local businesses in our community. It really makes our heart feel good to know that we are so loved!

If looking for Our businesses, Get Healthy, Java Joe’s Coffee, The Wellness Center & Spa and Stovall Millwork, we have placed in the following categories:

Get Healthy:

Medical Supply
Weight Loss Center
Outdoor Dining
Vegetarian Restaurant

Java Joe’s Coffee DeRidder:

Art Gallery
Concert Venue
Fan Experience-2nd Saturday Live
Event Venue Java Joe’s at Get Healthy

The Wellness Center & Spa at Get Healthy: (spa@gethealthy)

Best Spa/ Medical Spa
Therapeutic Massage

Stovall Millwork, LLC

Home Builder
Home Contractor/Repair/Remodeling

Coming from an old girl from Rosepine married to a hillbilly from West Virginia, I am just awed that so many people cared enough to honor us with their nominations and votes. We are both so very proud, and promise to continue to do our best to make you proud that you chose to support our businesses in this way. Thank you!

Voting for the final round continues until September 28, we would be honored to continue to have your votes. You can follow this link:

A huge congratulations to some of our friends who are also in the Top 5: Megan Moses-Exit Real Estate, Southern Belles Boutique and Tanning, Chunky Monkey-places to play pool, Vintage Girl, Presley’s, Mi Rancho, Cecil’s, Downtown Grounds, Sculpture, Cheri Childress-personal training and yoga, Treasure City, Sweet Thing Bake Shop, Sandy Guynn-Radio Personality, Beauregard Credit, John Welborn III-attorney, Glenda Dean, McKee Agency-Jacob McKee, Dat Truck, Dance Stop, Kerry Anderson, Doug’s A/C, Lateda, Gallery 111, RAD Gallery, Masterpiece Bayou, and Brandon Veterinary Clinic.

I know I have missed some, but please go vote for your favorites, things like this really mean a lot to those of us who give our all to our businesses.

All the other fun stuff

All the other fun stuff

This has been a fantastically lazy day, looking at old pictures, thinking about my family and friends, and generally being excited about my participation in the Gallery Exhibit at Gallery 111 tomorrow night.

i have reminisced about my grandmother, and while discussing with my cousin Diane earlier today how important I take my role as a grandmother, I made the statement that “I am not like Maw-Maw Bernie, she was the sweetest, most mild mannered, kindest person I have ever met in my life. That was her legacy. That is my memory of her, and the comment that I hear every time someone speaks of her.

Today, I remembered the fun side of her. The eclectic side, the part that is like me! Maybe my legacy will be to leave a fun and creative spirit within my grandchildren, and they will remember the kinder, gentler side of me, too!

I looked over scrapbook pages, my art journal, and all of the drawings I did trying to practice working on faces while we were in Dallas at Jewel’s OIT appointments all year, and while I was getting my IV’s at my appointments. Each and every one brought a smile to my face. Each of those days could have been spent feeling sorry for ourselves, but instead, we made art. We expressed ourselves, we made the best of the situation, and we had fun!

I smiled at the bright colors that I reupholstered our sunroom chairs, and the end table that I painted to match.

I got great joy in thinking of all of the faces that are on the “Local Tree” mural that I painted, and how happy they are to see how much we care about them.

Today was a day to be thankful as I looked through my favorite pictures that I have taken all around the globe, and a day to remember the love that we shared with our pets that are no longer with us. My best buddy ever, TUTU is waiting for me on the other side, of that I am certain, and to Big Red and Xavier, I have never met a better rooster.

I had a few more photos of projects that I just did not know how to classify, so I am going to add them here to round out my day.

My first pickled beets, sewing a dress for Jewel using my grandmother’s old sewing machine, a quilt I made for Jesslyn, and a few other tidbits that made my day happy. So thankful for another day!

Free Video Painting Lessons from Blick Art Supply

Free Video Painting Lessons from Blick Art Supply

Who doesn’t love Free, right? Blick Art Supply is my go-to art supply house. I have purchased the majority of my brushes (I might have a brush addiction-shhhh!), acrylic paints and canvases through Blick.

They have FABULOUS sales, I never pay full price, and their Blick acrylic paints and mediums are just as high in quality as most of the major brands, at a fraction of the cost.

They don’t just carry their own brand, though. I have a couple of colors that I just love the Liquitex heavy body in, and a couple of Golden mediums are my go-to’s, but I do choose Blick brand for my blacks and whites, which I buy in 8 and 16 oz containers, rather than tubes, and I fill in all new colors that I want to try with Blick colors. I also buy the Blick student grade liquids in large bottles because I LOVE to paint with my grandchildren, but they use a LOT of paint!

Just as many of my favorite brushes come from Blick. My love of brushes, every material, every medium, every size, I think I need them all! Of course I am nowhere near a professional, I am just enjoying spending my time playing around with paints in my golden years, lol, but even I know you need a different brush for acrylics than you do watercolors. And…did I mention the grandkids? Man are they rough on the brushes!

It wouldn’t be fair for the grandkids to get all of the blame, though. Some of the mixed media techniques that I love are really harsh on brushes, too. That’s part of why I like to buy my brushes from Blick. They don’t sell junk, for one, and I have picked up some awesome brushes for under $2 when they have their annual brush clearance sale.

Most of the time, they offer free shipping, too, so I stock up on canvases from them, too. I can get the higher quality canvases in bulk for a decent price. I do buy the student grade canvases for the grandkids, and sometimes even pick the 6 packs of those at the craft and hobby stores in Lake Charles or Alexandria when I go, but honestly, even when using my 40% Off coupon at those places, Blick has better prices.

Wow, I guess I sound like a commercial, and I do have an affiliate link below, but that was not the purpose of my post today, anyway…sorry, I do tend to ramble…

What I do want to share today, and what my link brings you to, is their free art lessons. I know painting parties are all the rage, I have been to a few and really enjoyed myself. (Shout-out to Lydia at Masterpiece Bayou in DeRidder!-great, fun classes!) I also have a few friends who love to craft and do artistic projects at home, and who want to learn to paint, but don’t know where to start. They just have not built up that confidence in themselves to pick up their brushes and go to town. (Hey, Kaye! Lol)

That’s who this post is for, and who these free video lessons are for. Start, stop, pause, watch, rewatch, however you work best, it costs nothing and is there no matter what time of day or night you feel like painting!

So, here’s for you, my friends with brushes and paints, sitting at your table with a blank canvas no more!

Enjoy -Terri

Blick Art supply, created by terri, acrylic on canvas

National Art Competition Exhibit Article

National Art Competition Exhibit Article

i am thrilled that one of my paintings: Chicken on a Bicycle-Cheep Eggs was one of the finalists in this year’s National Art Contest sponsored by Gallery One Ellleven in Leesville.

My painting was one of 28 chosen ( out of 108 entries) for the exhibit, which will be held Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 6:30 PM at Gallery One Ellleven on 3rd Street in downtown Leesville. -Terri

Read more about the exhibit in the Leesville Daily Leader:


Gallery111 Exhibit Contest

Gallery111 Exhibit Contest


Chicken on a Bicycle-Cheep Eggs

I am so excited to announce that one of the paintings from my June Project, Chicken on a Bicycle-Cheep Eggs was chosen as one of 28 pieces to be included in the Gallery111 Competition Exhibit on September 9, 2017!

There were 108 total entries from 5 states, and from what I understand the competition was steep, so I am very honored to have been selected to participate in the show.

I would love it if you would attend! All of the pieces in the exhibit will be for sale. Chicken on a Bicycle-Cheep Eggs is a 16 X 20 acrylic on canvas, custom framed with 1 X 2’s finished resemble barn wood. $150

The Egg Peddler

The Egg Peddler


Yes, my friends.. that is a chicken peddling eggs! 😀

Big Red

Big Red

Big Red

Big Red was a favorite around on our chicken yard. He was so handsome, and always came up to greet me. He will be missed!

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