This has been a fantastically lazy day, looking at old pictures, thinking about my family and friends, and generally being excited about my participation in the Gallery Exhibit at Gallery 111 tomorrow night.

i have reminisced about my grandmother, and while discussing with my cousin Diane earlier today how important I take my role as a grandmother, I made the statement that “I am not like Maw-Maw Bernie, she was the sweetest, most mild mannered, kindest person I have ever met in my life. That was her legacy. That is my memory of her, and the comment that I hear every time someone speaks of her.

Today, I remembered the fun side of her. The eclectic side, the part that is like me! Maybe my legacy will be to leave a fun and creative spirit within my grandchildren, and they will remember the kinder, gentler side of me, too!

I looked over scrapbook pages, my art journal, and all of the drawings I did trying to practice working on faces while we were in Dallas at Jewel’s OIT appointments all year, and while I was getting my IV’s at my appointments. Each and every one brought a smile to my face. Each of those days could have been spent feeling sorry for ourselves, but instead, we made art. We expressed ourselves, we made the best of the situation, and we had fun!

I smiled at the bright colors that I reupholstered our sunroom chairs, and the end table that I painted to match.

I got great joy in thinking of all of the faces that are on the “Local Tree” mural that I painted, and how happy they are to see how much we care about them.

Today was a day to be thankful as I looked through my favorite pictures that I have taken all around the globe, and a day to remember the love that we shared with our pets that are no longer with us. My best buddy ever, TUTU is waiting for me on the other side, of that I am certain, and to Big Red and Xavier, I have never met a better rooster.

I had a few more photos of projects that I just did not know how to classify, so I am going to add them here to round out my day.

My first pickled beets, sewing a dress for Jewel using my grandmother’s old sewing machine, a quilt I made for Jesslyn, and a few other tidbits that made my day happy. So thankful for another day!