I have a ton of fun baking cakes for my grandchildren, Shelton, Jewel, Jackson and Jesslyn! I have also made a few for other children with special dietary restrictions.

Jewel and Jesslyn have food allergies, and at 9 years old, after completing OIT, Oral Immuno Therapy for her peanut allergy, Jewel just tasted her first piece of cake ever, that wasn’t baked by me!

wheter it was Gluten Free, nut Free, soy free, egg or dairy free, I always loved the challenge of how to take non-traditional ingredients and create something that looked, and tasted, like a regular cake!

Just for fun, and to make sure he doesn’t feel left out, I am throwing in a few pictures of the pot pies that my husband loves so much! I usually try to poke in his initials or a heart with a fork, not sure he even notices the difference, but he sure does love chicken and turkey pot pie…and the occasional Monogram shaped meat loaf! Never let dinner be boring, that’s my motto!

So, I hope you enjoy staring at a bunch of pictures of food! Lol (Just pretend you are on Pinterest!)