I think I got it from my grandmother, Bernice Meek Cassell, and my Mama, Carol Cassell Chaney, had it too, and things are not looking great for the spouses of my daughters, Mandi and Candi…for people who don’t like change, WE LOVE CHANGE! (As long as we are the ones in control of it! LOLOL)

I can remember going to my grandmother’s house, all of the time, quite frankly, and things would be the same, but different. Furniture would be rearranged, new curtains would be up, and their rocking chairs were always a different color. Reupholstered cushions, painted wood, her sewing machine was always going. Slip-covers for this, new drapes for that room, in reality, I think I may be more like her than I even thought before this moment!

I remember once going to visit and she was working upstairs. There were two bedrooms up there, a bath, and a nice little landing area at the top. This particular day, she was on her hands and knees painting the floors. Not just painting the floors, she had already done that. Bright blue. The hardwood floors of “the boy’s room” were now a bright shade somewhere between royal and navy. Nope, painting the floors might not exactly be what she was doing…she was fancying them up a little. She had two sponges, one in each hand, each cut into a different sized triangle, she was dipping them in sunshine yellow paint and decorating the floors!

I know it sounds strange, you would not have thought of this devout Christian Southern Baptist Sweetheart as eclectic at all. That never crossed my mind until this moment, and I am loving it! Now, when that blue and yellow-triangles room was done, it was spectacular. The bed and dresser were painted to match the floors, newly sewn curtains adorned the windows and that room was right out of the 1968 Better Homes and Gardens, or at least it should have been, if their editors were even near as cool as my Maw-Maw Bernie!

The “girls room” was just as cute, pale pink with home-made dust ruffles made to match the duvet cover and pillow shams. It was a little girl’s dream come true.

At the top of the stairs, and it is probably still there, I do know the bedrooms are still the same, no one ever used those rooms, lol, she made a fabric “vase” and attached it to the wall, framed around it, and attached silk flowers somehow into the thing. From the foot of the stairs, it looked like a painting that had come to life. Man, I loved her so much!

My husband would have a heart attack if I expressed myself by painting anything funky in our earth-tone adorned home, but that does not stop me from filling our upstairs walls with my canvases, from reupholstering and painting (some) of our furniture, and mostly from doing whatever the heck I want and bringing it to work. That is kinda the cool part about owning a health food store and coffee shop. People expect me to be weird, and I get to revel in it!

I am going to share a few of my projects here, as I hope you can tell, I always try to have fun with it. A little color never hurt anybody!

The green floral chairs are actually in my sunroom at home, but the orange and green painted chairs are at Java Joe’s. The green floral end table is in our seating area at Java Joe’s as well.

I use the green and white cabinet to house my essential oils at home, and am adding a school project Shelton worked on here, too. He made a mock up of a Native American housing.

My most happy moment, though, was painting the mural for the wall at Java Joe’s. (And the front door to Get Healthy-I LOVED doing that project, too) My “Local Tree” mural is still coming to life as we fill its branches with photos of local artists, Farmers, musicians and groups from our community. I have been so lucky to have DeRidder welcome Get Healthy to DeRidder, and accept us all for who we are at heart!

I hope you enjoy my projects, and that they inspire you to paint something “happy”! -Terri